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She would try to make a joke about the scars, saying that she’d never liked short sleeves anyway, but behind the sunny mask lay deeper problems.She believed that a new start could be her salvation.She liked to enjoy herself on tour, playing zany tricks off-stage and on other acts as they were performing. It was while she was with the Springfields that, as she told her friend singer Madeline Bell, she lost her virginity, aged 19, while appearing at a Butlin’s holiday camp.By the mid-Sixties she was the golden girl of British song, loved and widely fancied for her giggling charm and the way she lit up Friday night television's Ready Steady Go!To take on the repressive South African Government on a matter of principle was a brave stand, and one which went down badly with some other, mainly older, British acts who had been prepared to adhere to that country’s apartheid rules. To many of her own generation, however, Dusty had been heroic.She was also venerated for her championing of the black Motown stars of the day.

Unhappy with the style of songs her brother was writing for the Springfields, she dropped him at the peak of their fame, becoming an immediate solo success with the hits I Only Want To Be With You and Burt Bacharach’s I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.Then, out of nowhere, she found herself at the centre of an international row.Going on a short tour of South Africa in 1964 under the impression that she would be allowed to sing to black and white audiences sitting together, she refused to sing at all when told black fans wouldn’t be allowed into her concerts.Although I later learned that Dusty’s manager had a fit when he saw my interview, Dusty had no regrets.She phoned the day the article was published, and left a message saying she was happy with the way I’d reported our conversation.

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