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In non-industrial spaces, you may hear this expense referred to as "Load Factor," which includes CAM fees.There are two basic calculations for CAM fees: Variable CAM fees, in which the amount a tenant is required to contribute increases based on a number of factors; and flat CAM fees where the fees are a fixed amount.Signs were changed, the building was repainted, and some structural changes were made to the front of the industrial park.The bill was divided among all tenants, and although I had a very small unit, I was stuck with a ,000 bill - my portion of the park upgrades even though my unit was on the side and in no way benefited directly from any of the improvements.The source code for the Open Street Cam project is available at: The code is licensed under LGPL Version 3 license.The collected imagery is protected & available under the CC BY-SA version 4 International license. All Rights Reserved Please read these terms and conditions of use ("Terms of Use") carefully before you access and u e Open Street Cam, an application developed by Telenav, Inc. Your access and use of Open Street Cam indicates that you accept these Terms of Use.You should visit this link from time to time to review the then current Terms of Use for Open Street Cam.

A landlord may include a wide range of expenses simply listed as “CAM Fees” or “Administrative Fees” on the basis that these are expenses the landlord pays for the benefit of all tenants.

If you will be required to help with the cost of major renovations like parking lot repaving, or any type of structural repairs get it in writing.

Have the landlord list when these repairs we last made and when they are scheduled or anticipated to be done in the future.

When you lease commercial space you pay for more than just the actual square footage you will occupy.

In many commercial leases, and in particular retail and industrial space leases, extra fees are often referred to as "Common Area Maintenance" (CAM) fees.

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