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The designation ‘Jewish’ was limited by Jewish law to those whose mothers were Jewish.Entry [into] the community was possible through religious conversion, but this was not common. CHAIM SHEBA, the pioneering Israeli geneticist who was surgeon-general of the Israel Defense Forces and Health Ministry director-general (after whom Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer was named) is lauded in the book for his work to determine whether Jews constituted a single homogeneous group or a series of genetically related groups.A one-time coal miner, the physician became chief medical examiner of new immigrants for United Hebrew Charities and then a physical anthropologist who confronted American supporters of restricting immigration who claimed the Jews brought in communicable diseases, especially tuberculosis.

He mentions that Rosalind Franklin, a young Orthodox Jewish scientist, discovered the structure of DNA with Watson and Crick in 1953, but unlike them, did not live to receive the Nobel Prize they did because she died at 37 of ovarian cancer caused by the mutant gene.Gil Atzmon the Jewish Hap Map Project on genomes of contemporary Jewish Diaspora groups (Hap refers to haplotype – a group of genes inherited together by an organism from a single parent).The book is divided into six large chapters – “Looking Jewish,” “Founders,” “Three Genealogies,” “Tribes,” “Traits and Identity” – plus 277 references.King is a frequent visitor to Israel and collaborates regularly with Israeli scientists, including Sha’are Zedek Medical Center’s chief of medical genetics, Prof.Ephrat Levy-Lahad (whose work is also mentioned in the volume).

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