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At the end of October 2017 the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) closed down the 60 year old Wellington trolley bus network.Such was the GWRC's determination to rid Wellington of electric buses that destruction of the overhead network began the next day. Maymorn Estates (NZ) Ltd The story of May Morn Estates (NZ) Ltd is a fascinating tale of gullible investors, the construction of a light railway and how New Zealand came close to loosing the Akatarawa Forest and having major erosion problems today.From time to time I test this site with Firefox and Opera (Linux and XP) and also with IE8. I now have a video card and monitor that runs at 1600X900 but I tend to restrict the page width to about 900.I have a theory that the amount of information on a page is inversely proportional to the number of bells and whistles so I do NOT use Javascript or Java.When I make the walk I hope to provide a kml file and other details here.Cruickshanks Tunnel Disused Cruickshanks rail tunnel is hidden in the hills north of Upper Hutt.

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UTW documents the Wellington trolley bus system past and present but unfortunately there is no future.

The 292 is the first sled I bought." It's great to see the old timers in action!

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