Songbird updating library

After you install it and agree to a license, you will go through a short setup.

You'll be able to configure a media library, where all your music will be kept and even let Songbird watch for changes, so that it automatically updates the library.

Songbird utilizes the cross-platform frameworks Mozilla XULRunner and GStreamer media framework. In 2012, an Android version and an i OS version were released.

Songbird at one point also supported Solaris and Linux, but this support was dropped.

As a result, users have forked Songbird and created a Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible derivative under the name Nightingale.

Songbird announced on 14 June 2013 that it would stop all operations and shut down by 28 June.

The company was unable to fund further business operations and as a result all operations and associated services have been discontinued.

Community coded extensions are available on Songbird's addons support page.

I must admit that compared to Vuze or Miro, Songbird is a league unto its own.

Even the Window border takes on a Mac look, departing from your native theme for the sake of style. On the left, you have a sidebar, with major categories listed, including links to online music streaming site and 7digital music store, your playlists categorized by popularity, rating or recency, and your bookmarks. On the right, you have the Library pane, which shows your music files.

I've copied a handful of songs to my Music directory, which Songbird found and added.

Some of the metadata was missing for some of the songs, explaining the partial listings. If you have a large collection, searching the library could take time - except that you have an inline search, which just like Firefox lets you search different search engine, or even add new ones.

Then, you can also filter you music based on genre, artist or album, all dynamically created based on the metadata of your music files.

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