Online dating for fishermen

Our diverse membership consists of hunters, fishermen, Finns, hikers, and more.Each of our members is looking for a quality, long lasting connection, that’s deeper than Lake Superior. I love to fish - my fiance and I were considering a fishing event this year!!I love any type of fishing - it's all kinda fun!!!! I guess everyone will need a licence then if there is something planned!!!!

another 5 - 8 my father has, plus tackle coming out of my ying yang for everything from Crappie and Yellow Perch to Chinooks, Northerns, and Giant Catfish.We used to do the smelt run at midnite at Port Stanley many many moons ago... I have fly fished and caught a 4lb small mouth bass. Hardest fishing is for Lake Trout though...that jiggin!!! Looks like you have the answer you were looking for! Mentioning Salmon coming into the streams reminds me of a place called Gold Stream Park. Love to watch the mist rise up in the early mornings, the serenity, the odd bird call, sitting quietly at the pier.Very much a sight to see if you ever get out to BC. I don't get grossed out by touching leeches or worms.Geez I have done Lake fishing and channel fishing and stream fishing. Do you know that when the Salmon come into the streams off Pt.Stanley you can actually walk into the water and throw them onto the shore???

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