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They were hired to play a dance in nearby – Paulino on accordion, Eloy on bajo sexto, and a friend, Adan Lomas, on .

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They have been the music among Mexicans in the Southwest throughout most of the 20th century.

, literally group, ensemble) refers to several types of small musical ensembles present in different , mainly in Mexico and Cuba. SÃO PAULO TRANSPORTE S/A - SPTRANS COSMO BERNARDO DOS SANTOS X CAPITAL SERVIÇOS DE VIG E SEGURANÇA LTDA . Desembargador RAFAEL EDSON PUGLIESE RIBEIRO - Turma 06.

While Mexican conjuntos play styles such as and , Cuban conjuntos specialize in the , as well as its derivations such as .

Soon the Bernal Brothers came to the attention of , the man who recorded all the artists for Ideal Records.

The Bernal Brothers were first recorded as the backup for some of the then popular among Texas-Mexicans, such as . Confederação da Agricultura e Pecuária B X José Augusto Marques Monteiro . Desembargadora MARIA DE LOURDES ANTONIO - Turma 17.

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