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At first when Bhuppi, Pappi, Sukhi, and the gang confront Bablu and attack him to find Rakesh, Bablu single-handedly beats up all of them but is hit in the head and loses consciousness.Chaudhary holds Bablu and the other two friends captive till they tell of the couple's whereabouts.They tell him that they don't know anything, but no one believes them.Meanwhile, Bablu tells his friends that he is in love with a girl of that town, whom he doesn't know and he only has her earring which she dropped that day.

The lyrics are written by Kausar Munir, Raftaar and Mustafa Zahid.

Bablu and Dimpy unite with a hug, while Chaudhary and the other people of the Jatt community agree to permit inter-caste and love marriages and Chaudhary accepts Renu back as his daughter.

CNN-IBN critic Rajeev Masand gave the film 2 out of 5 stars and stated that "for Heropanti, with its regressive themes, sexist humor, and stock villains wears you out early on during its 2 hours 26-minute running time." Anupama Chopra also gave the movie 2 out of 5 stars and overall criticised the movie by saying, "the disjointed narrative brims with low-IQ high-testosterone men brandishing weapons.

Dimpy finds Renu's love letters in her room one of which reaches her uncle.

Dimpy manages to clean up everything before her uncle Bhuppi reaches her room.

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