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2400: The Bell-beaker culture is dominant in Britain, and hundreds of smaller stone circles are built in the British Isles at this time.• Middle East Portal tombs and menhirs have been discovered across the Middle East, notably in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia (Hejaz) and Yemen.

Concentrations occur on the Golan Heights (see also the Venus of Berekhat Ram), and especially in Jordan.

3400: Monuments in Netherlands, northern Germany, Sweden and Denmark. 2800: Highpoint of Danish Funnel-beaker culture in Denmark.

3300: Construction of the German stone cist known as the Zuschen tomb. 2700: Start of the Old Kingdom Egyptian Pyramids in Ancient Egypt.

3450: Monuments in Belgium, south-west Germany, Sicily, Belgium, Sardinia. 3000: Monuments in Ardennes, Dordogne, Languedoc, Biscay in France.This form of rock art was used in ceremonial or ritualistic structures (Stonehenge stone circle, monolithic Moai of Easter Island), single or multiple tombs (Newgrange, Knowth), sanctuaries (Gobekli Tepe), and several other types of monumental architecture.The construction and alignment of these prehistoric structures could be highly sophisticated: specific rock shapes were often hewn to meet specific design requirements, while the buildings themselves were sometimes positioned in relation to the stars or the solstice.Concentrated in the Korean Peninsula, they have also been found in China (Liaoning, Shandong, and Zhejiang), Japan (Kyushu and Shikoku), Vietnam (Dong Nai province), India, and Indonesia.In the north, the megalithic tradition first appeared in Manchuria, notably in the basin of the Liao River, from where it spread into the Korean Peninsula.

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