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Everyone has their own way of getting the job done, but just in case you’re in need of some direction or are simply looking for new ideas, the following tips will definitely come in handy.There is no right or wrong way to pleasure yourself. Female masturbation is way more than just bringing yourself to orgasm *although that is pretty awesome*.A woman’s guide to self-pleasure and masturbation Although female masturbation and self-pleasure are considered taboo by many people, don’t get the wrong idea.It’s not something that only “easy” women do; it’s something women do. Do what you have to do to set the scene to ensure you totally enjoy yourself.Without the aid of a partner, it is up to you to be everything you need in order to satisfy your urges.Think sexy thoughts and don’t be afraid to include someone you want to get down and dirty with in those thoughts to really turn you on. Double your pleasure by fantasizing while you masturbate.It’s about exploring your body and satisfying every aspect of your mind, body, and soul.

Solotouch is owned by a US corporation and is hosted in the United States.

Using a good lube helps make the whole experience more sensual and pleasurable.

There are many different types of lube on the market, so experiment to see which one helps you achieve the strongest orgasms. If you and your clitoris aren’t close yet, make it a priority. If direct contact is too intense, try stroking around it rather than directly on it.

The government of Germany has accused Solotouch of virtual child sexual abuse and immoral acts. We have strict and detailed rules in place for our story content for the sole purpose of protecting children.

Solotouch is a sexual health site that allows users to share experiences of their sexual discoveries and development.

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