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To answer the above questions, a questionnaire has been made and relevant people have been asked to answer the questions.

The questionnaire has been posted on the internet, more precisely on Facebook.

This is an easy way to get in contact with people, but the downside is that a lot of people outside the target group answer the questions as well, so many of the answers cannot be used in the analysis.

The questionnaire has also been given out to people on the street in Randers, and in Randers Storcenter.

The new segment can be reached through brochures, radio ads and social media like Facebook. For til sidst, at finde ud af hvad Regnskoven kan gøre for at få en højere besøgsrate blandt dette segment?

Many of the respondents have not visited the Rainforest s page on Facebook, so this could also be something to have focus on in the future. 1 Se bilag 5 2 Se bilag 1 1 Metode Opgaven vil have fokus på faget International Markedsføring, og relevante teorier derfra vil blive anvendt.

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What can the Rainforest do to get these people to visit the place? Furthermore, the image of the Rainforest among local people will be examined.Skyldes det, at Regnskoven ligger lokalt, og folk derfor tænker, at de altid kan besøge stedet, eller skyldes det noget helt andet?Der vil i forbindelse med spørgeskemaet blive set på markedsudvælgelsesprocessen, analysedesignet, spørgeskemaets udformning, samt undersøgelsens validitet og reliabilitet.This requires more time and effort than on the internet, but it is easier to get the right people to participate.The problem with this approach is that many people on the street do not want to answer the questions, maybe due to lack of time or lack of interest.

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